January 5, 2011
Lehigh County

Lehigh County was formed on March 6, 1812 from Northampton County. Its county
seat is Allentown. Lehigh County is named after the Lehigh River, which runs
through the county's two largest cities, Allentown and Bethlehem. The eastern
half of Bethlehem is located in Northampton County. Lehigh County is bounded
on the north-west by the Kittatinney or Blue mountains, separating it from
Schuylkill and Carbon counties, north-west by Northampton, south-east by Bucks,
and south-west by Montgomery and Berks counties. The county is picturesque,
formed by limestone and clay slate with several creeks running through the
landscape. The  townships and boroughs that make up Lehigh County, are listed

Alburtis Borough
Allentown City
Bethlehem City
Catasauqua Borough
Coopersburg Borough
Coplay Borough
Emmaus Borough
Fountain Hill Borough
Hanover Township
Heidelberg Township
Lower Macungie Township
Lower Milford Township
Lowhill Township Lynn Township
Macungie Borough
North Whitehall Township
Salisbury Township
Slatington Borough
South Whitehall Township
Upper Macungie Township
Upper Milford Township
Upper Saucon Township
Washington Township
Weisenberg Township
Whitehall Township
The Higher Ground
Over the Fence
The Flame
Crime Watch
Site put
together by
Dennis L.
Pearson , a
native of Lehigh
County whose
family had
with the PA
branch of the
Sons of Liberty
The Board of Commissioners is the
legislative branch of Lehigh  County
government and has all the
legislative powers that may be
exercised by the County under the
Constitution, the laws of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and
the Lehigh County Home Rule
Charter. Some of the Board's powers
are: to enact, amend or repeal
ordinances, resolutions, and motions;
to make appropriations; to incur
indebtedness; to adopt the budget; to
levy taxes, assessments and service
charges; and to adopt the
Administrative Code and the
Personnel Code.
The Commissioners

Dean N. Browning, Chairman
Commissioner-at Large

      William H. Hansell, Co-Chairman
 Commissioner-at Large

Thomas C. Creighton III
District 1

Percy H. Dougherty
District 2

David Jones
District 3

Daniel K. McCarthy
District 4

Glenn Eckhart
District 5

Andy Roman
Commissioner-at Large

Gloria L. Hamm
Commissioner-at Large
Contact Information

Board Of County
Government Center
Room 408
(Public Hearing Room 111)
17 South Seventh Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-2400
Phone: 610-782-3050
Lehigh County SON of

The meetings will be held on
Wednesdays (unless otherwise
noted) and will begin at 7:30 p.m.
The meetings will be held in the
Public Hearing Room of the Lehigh
County Government Center, 17
South Seventh Street, Allentown, PA,
2011 Meeting Dates  
January 13th          July 13th
January 26th          July 27th
February 9th        August 10th
February 23th        August 24th
March 9th             September 14th
March 23th             September 28nd
April 13th                October 12th
April 27th                October 26th
May 11th                 November 9th  
May 25th                 November 22rd
June 8th                  December 14th
June 22rd              
 December 21th
General questions or questions
regarding County Government and

Send E-mail to:
Lehigh County  Executive
Contact Us  
Lehigh County Government
17 South 7th Street
Allentown Pa 18101-2401
(610) 782-3000  
First Democrat to be elected
County Executive in 2005 ---
Re-elected in 2009
Clerk of Judicial Records - Andrea E. Naugle
The Lehigh County Clerk of Judicial Records maintains all of the records for the
Civil, Criminal, Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds Divisions.  The Lehigh
County Deed and Court records of the Thirty-first Judicial District, consisting of the
Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas, include civil, criminal and register of wills
records from the County’s inception in 1812 to the present.  All records are public
records except when precluded by law, i.e juvenile, child victim, mental health or
closed to public inspection by Order of Court.

The Clerk of Judicial Records is an independent, elected “public officer” whose
duties and responsibilities are set forth in the law and Constitution of this
Commonwealth.   In January, 2008, Andrea E. Naugle took office as the first Lehigh
County Clerk of Judicial Records.  She started her county service in 1973 and was
previously the elected Lehigh County Clerk of Courts from 1996 to 2007.
Civil Division

Room 132
Chief Deputy Susan K. Bloom
Asst. Chief Deputy Diane Washburn
610-782-3148 Fax:  610-770-3840

Criminal Division

Room 132
Chief Deputy Toni A. Remer
Asst. Chief Deputy Virginia Schuler
610-782-3077 Fax:  610-770-6797

Register of Wills Division

Room 123
Chief Deputy Barbara H. Engleman
610-782-3170 Fax: 610-782-3932

Lehigh County Government Center
17 S. Seventh Street
Allentown PA  18101-2400

Recorder of Deeds Division

Room 350
Chief Deputy Deborah A. Casciotti
Asst. Chief Deputy Laura Zimmerman
610-782-3162 Fax: 610-782-3116
Clerk of Judicial
Andrea E. Naugle

Lehigh County
Room 122
455 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA
District Attorney - James B. Martin
James B. Martin, District

Lehigh County Courthouse
Room 307
455 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101-1614
Phone: 610-782-3100
Fax: 610-820-3323

Office Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M
The District Attorney
is charged with
seeking justice for
all concerned when
criminal charges
have been filed and
to effectively
prosecute those
individuals who
commit both adult
and juvenile crimes.
He is the Chief Law
Enforcement Officer
for the County and
works closely with
all police
departments within
the County.
Andrea E. Naugle
Sheriff  - Ronald W. Rossi
Courthouse- Room 253
455 West Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-1614
Phone: 610-782-3175
Fax: 610-820-3368
The Office of the Sheriff serves
all original civil, criminal and
protection from abuse
documents issued by the Court
of Common Pleas. The office
also provides security for the
County's courtrooms, judges
and buildings. The Sheriff's
Office transports prisoners,
holds sales to collect debts on
both real and personal property,
investigates and apprehends
fugitives and bail jumpers and
preserves the peace at riots and
civil strike injunctions.

In addition, the Sheriff's Office
issues permits to carry a
concealed weapon within the
Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. These permits
are issued only after an
appropriate background
investigation is completed
Coroner  - Scott M. Grim
Old Court House Rm. 105
501 West Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-1614
Phone: 610-782-3426
Fax: 610-820-8271

Scott M Grim, D-ABMDI,

Paul R Zondlo, Chief
Deputy Coroner

Scott M Grim, elected Coroner, is accountable directly to the Citizens of Lehigh
County for the responsibilities of the Office of Coroner as mandated by
Pennsylvania Law.

Mission: To Investigate the cause of death, and determine the manner of death,
of persons who die within the boundaries of Lehigh County.

The Office: An independent office that investigates and documents the facts and
circumstances surrounding deaths over which the Coroner's Office has

The Pennsylvania Coroner System is a direct descendant of the English Coroner
System developed in that country 600 years ago. The word Coroner is derivative
of "Crowner," slang for Keepers of the Pleas of Crown. Today's Coroner is an
elected Row Officer heading a team of professional investigators utilizing the
modern crime-fighting tools of computers, laboratories and specialized forensic
10 years

(reelection by a retention

President Judge:($163,260)
William H. Platt, 2015;

Others ($161,850 ) listed in
order of seniority:

Carol K. McGinley, 2015;
Edward D. Reibman, 2011;
William E. Ford, 2011;
Robert L. Steinberg, 2017;
J. Brian Johnson, 2013;
Kelly L. Banach, 2013;
James T. Anthony, 2017,
Maria L. Dantos, 2017,
Michele A. Varricchio, 2017.

Lawrence J. Brenner and
Alan M. Black (retired;
serving as senior judges)
Lehigh County Judges of Common Pleas
The Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County
is a general jurisdiction trial court located in
Allentown, Pennsylvania. There are ten full
time judges and two senior judges providing
judicial services to the citizens of Lehigh
County. Each full time judge is assigned to one
or more of the court divisions, which are the
Criminal/Juvenile Division, the combined
Civil/Motion/Family Court Division and the
Orphans’ Court Division. Within their
respective divisions, the judges hear a wide
spectrum of cases, including adult criminal
cases, juvenile delinquency cases, lawsuits
involving money or property, divorce, custody
disputes, child support issues, juvenile
dependency cases, estates, guardianships and
adoptions. The court provides judicial
oversight to Court Administration, Adult
Probation, Juvenile Probation, the Domestic
Relations Section, the Court Transcription Unit,
the Protection from Abuse Office, the Court
Interpreting Unit, the Child Custody Office and
the Law Library. The Court also provides
administrative services to the fourteen offices
that comprise the Magisterial District Court
System of Lehigh County
Court Administration ---

The District Court Administrator, Susan T. Schellenberg, and the
Deputy District Court Administrator, William B. Berndt, are
responsible for the supervision of all court-related departments of
the Judiciary, to include Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation,
Domestic Relations, Magisterial District Court personnel, the Law
Library, the Court Transcription Unit, and court staff personnel.

Director of Administration
* ($103,542) – Thomas S.

Director of Human
Services * ($103,542) –
Lynn A. Kovich

Director of Community &
Economic Development *
($103,542) – Cindy

Director of General
Services * ($97,594) – Jan

Director of Corrections *
($108,763) – Edward

County Solicitor * (part-
time, $71,085) – Matt
Sorrentino, Esq.

Chief Public Defender **
(part-time, $53,288) –
Charles F. Smith, Esq
31st Judicial District $80,927
Term: 6 years


1-01 Patricia M. Engler, 2015
– 610-432-3080; Allentown
wards 8, 10.

1-02 Maryesther S. Merlo,
2015 – 610-432-8700;
Allentown wards 4, 7, 11.

1-03 Ronald S. Manescu,
2015 – 610- 434-7903;
Allentown wards 3, 13, 17,

1-04 Vacancy, filled by
David Howells, Jr. until 2011
– 610-797-0906; Allentown
wards 12,16,19.

1-05 Carl L. Balliet, 2011 –
610-439-0661; Allentown
wards 14,15; Hanover Twp.;

1-06 Wayne Maura, 2011 –
610-691-3950; Bethlehem
wards 10,11,12,13.

1-07 Robert C. Halal, 2013 –
610-437-6096; Whitehall
Twp.; Coplay.

1-08 Anthony G. Rapp, 2011
– 610-797-8724; Salisbury
Twp.; Fountain Hill.

2-01 Karen C. Devine, 2015
– 610-782-3834; Allentown
wards 1,2,5,6,9.

2-02 Jacob E. Hammond,
2013 – 610-434-2070; North
Whitehall Twp.; South
Whitehall Twp.

2-03 Donna R. Butler, 2011 –
610-967-2888; Emmaus;
Upper Milford Twp.

3-01 Rod R. Beck, 2011 –
610-767-8641; Slatington;
Heidelberg Twp.; Lynn
Twp.; Washington Twp.

3-02 Charles H. Crawford,
2011 – 610-398-1167;
Alburtis; Macungie; Lower
Macungie Twp.;
 Lowhill Twp.; Upper
Macungie Twp.;
Weisenberg Twp.

3-03 David B. Harding, 2013
– 610-282-1555;
Coopersburg; Lower
Milford Twp.; Upper Saucon
Committee Structure

Percy H. Dougherty (c)
Glenn Eckhart (v)
David S. Jones, Sr.
Daniel K. McCarth
Thomas C. Creighton, III (c)
Gloria L. Hamm (v)
Andy Roman
William H. Hansell
Daniel K. McCarthy (c)
David S. Jones, Sr. (v)
Percy H. Dougherty
Glenn Eckhart
General Services
William H. Hansell (c)
Andy Roman (v)
Percy H. Dougherty
Gloria L. Hamm
Human Services
Gloria L. Hamm (c)
Thomas C. Creighton, III (v)
David S. Jones, Sr.
Andy Roman
InterGovernmental and Appointments
Glenn Eckhart (c)
Daniel K. McCarthy (v)
Thomas C. Creighton
William H. Hansel
Judiciary and Corrections
David S. Jones, Sr. (c)
William H. Hansell (v)
Thomas C. Creighton, III
Gloria L. Hamm
Andy Roman (c)
Percy H. Dougherty (v)
Glenn Eckhart
Daniel K. McCarthy
(c) Chair
(v) Vice-Chair