942 East Tilghman Street
Allentown, PA 18109
Telephone # ---(610) 434-1229
Cell Phone # - (610) 751-0794;
Age --- 62

Bethlehem Steel Corporation ----    
Bethlehem PA        
April 1973 - June 1998
Pensioned - June 2000
Steam, Water And Air Department
(Boiler House)

Substitute Teacher ---
Various L.V. School Districts
1999 – Present

PIAA and BUA Baseball Umpire ….
2001 --- Present
Panel Board --- # 2
Feedwater Pumproom - #
2 Boiler House
Scene from Bethlehem Steel ---
Hoover-Mason Trestle - # 2 Boiler
House -- Blast Furnace  

Dieruff High School - Allentown, PA

Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA,
- BS Education, (Secondary  –
History and Social Studies)

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA    
- MA History (Urban Studies/
Colonial America / Early Modern

Moravian College, Bethlehem PA,
No degree  (Elementary education
certification program --- NJ

Lifetime of learning and
experience ... As they say the
College of hard knocks

1) Researched and Produced Manuscript called "We Present the Truth But You Do Not Understand”
--- A Study of The Transformation Of Lehigh County from its Historic Agricultural Roots to that of
Enhanced Urban Sprawl - 1955 to 1995.
2) Publisher of Lehigh Valley Common Sense Herald and EARN Frontier
3) Wrote article for Lehigh County Historical Society called "A Steelworker Remembers” published in
Society’s 1996 Proceedings;
4) Conducted interviews  for the Lehigh County Historical Society in its “World War II Oral Project.
5) Completed 13 part  Loop  Course  Power Point Project for the Steelworkers Archives which
includes a Trolley tour of the Bethlehem Steel Plant.
6) Videotaped and conducted interviews of former Steelworkers in a Video Project for the
Steelworkers Archives.
6) Certified by NASA to borrow and display Moon Rocks and Meteorites … Brought Apollo 17 Moon
Rock to Bethlehem in 2004
7) Certified to teach Social Studies and History in PA…In NJ --- Social Studies and Elementary

East Allentown-Rittersville
Neighborhood Association, Inc.–
Editor of EARN Frontier Newsletter
Chairman of EARN's Project Haas
Christmas Display

Steelworkers Archives Inc., Board
of Director -- Chairman of Steel
Workers Archive Historical Intake
Committee for  Steelworkers
Archives Oral History Project

Allentown Crime Watch --
President's Council - Vice
President -- 2009
Logo for Steelworkers
*** East Allentown-Rittersville
Neighborhood Association
*** Allentown Crime Watch
President’s Council
*** Lenni Lenape Historical Society
*** Lehigh County Historical Society
*** Liberty Bell Museum
*** Society of Professional
*** National Space Society
*** Philadelphia Area Space Alliance
** Planetary Society
*** Moon Society
*** Mars Society
*** National Parks and
Conservation Society
*** Nature Conservancy
*** Wildlands Conservancy
*** National Federation of Coaches
*** Pennsylvania Interscholastic
Athletic Association
*** Bethlehem Umpires Association
*** Steelworkers Archives, Inc.
*** National Canal Museum
*** Pennsylvania Labor History
*** Historic Bethlehem
*** Sun Inn
*** National Trust for Historic
***St. John's Evangelical
Congregational Church
*** SOAR --- (Steelworkers
Organization of Active Retirees)
*** Travelers Protective
Association - Post L
*** National Rifle Association
*** National Constitutional Center
*** Associate Smithsonaian

*** East Allentown Rittersville Holiday Light Program
organizer --- 1994 - present
 Lehigh Valley Council of Regional Livability -
President --- 1981-present
*** Former Treasurer St, John's E.C. Church --- 1993
**** Former Treasurer Steelworkers Archives --- 2003-
**** Former Member of Agere Technology
Environmental Advisory Group 1994 -2006
*** Editor of Lehigh Valley Common Sense Herald
***Newsletter and East Sider /EARN FRONTIER
*** Allentown Community of Neighborhood
Organizations - President 1981 - 1986-87.
*** Former member of CNO Environmental, Recreation
and Education Committees --- 1979-1981
*** Allentown Taxpayers Union - President 1996-1997
*** A-Youth  (Allentown Youth Organizations United to
Help) -- President 1981
*** Former Ritter PTA -- 3rd Vice President 1979-80
(Community Representative)
*** East Side Rams Athletic Association – Coach baseball
and Basketball coach
*** Brandywine Heights JV Baseball Coach 1999
*** Allentown Chapter PIAA Baseball Officials
*** Bethlehem Umpires Association
*** United Steelworkers of America Locals 2599, 2600
*** City of Allentown ---
o        Park Instructor -- 1969, (Kift Mullen, Ritter and
Harrison- Morton Playgrounds)
o        Mayor's Task Force -Youth Activities 1971-72
o        Animal Control Hearing Board 1992-95
o        Homesteading Committee -- 1978-1981
o        U.S Census Committee – 1990
Biographical Data
Sounding forth the trumpet that
shall never sound retreat
I trust in the Lord Forever For in God the Lord we have an
everlasting Rock ...

FIGHTING WOLVES (a great story --
An old Cherokee is telling his
grandson about a fight that is
going on inside

He said it is between two wolves.
One wolf is evil:  Anger, envy,
regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
pride, superiority and ego
The other wolf is good:  Joy,
peace, love, hope, serenity,
humility, kindness,
benevolence, empathy,
generosity, truth, compassion and

The grandson thought about it for
a minute, and then asked his
"Which wolf wins?" The old
Cherokee simply replied, "The one
I feed

Please note --- I do have my
detractors and have suffered
discouraging moments such as
being  mocked, demeaned, and  
turned into a joke!... But it is
important for me to stick with the
way of the Good Wolf because in
following that way I won't suffer
the defeat that destroys the soul ...
Higher Ground
Over the Fence
The Flame
Kohler's Mill --- Built in 1809 was
torn down in 1940 . The House
at 4296 Church Street in the
Egypt section of Whitehall Egypt
section of Whitehall foundation
--- Part of the heritage from
which I come
My parents Kenneth L. Pearson who
grew up in Bethlehem PA. and
Christine E. (kohler) Pearson who grew
up in  Egypt(Whitehall Township) PA
My grandfather Elmer L. Pearson with
his second wife Zuelph (Kirkpatrick)
Pearson ... His first wife ( my father's
mother) Daisy (Bindewald) Pearson
died giving birth to a stillborn child.
My grandmother Daisy (Bindewald)
location in Bethlehem PA with her two
My grandmother Daisy (Bindewald)
Pearson and my aunt Dorothy Pearson
Pearson is shown at an undisclosed
who later married Frederick Moyer of
The Barns of the Kohler
Family are Shown in this 1/4
Twentieth Century
Photo...Horse Drawn Water
Wagon is shown on an
unpaved S. Church Street
home led by an unnamed or
unidentified driver... We can
only speculate, but maybe
the wagon was used to wet
the road to prevent dust
Grandma Emma
(Schoch) Kohler
speaks to her son
George Kohler, my
uncle) at a wedding
Grist Stone pulled out of Coplay
Creek was from the Kohler Grist
Mill .. The Grist Mill torn down in
1940 --- its stones was used for
a wall at the old Whitehall High
School in Hokendauqua
Logo for East Allentown
Rittersville Neighborhood
No --- as some of my critics charge in fun or just plain
being nasty ... My employment there did not cause the
downfall of the steel company ... As most steel workers I
did my job until my last day there ... The plastic curtain
seen in the above picture is there for asbestos removal
Dennis Pearson in Trenton New Jersey
for the State Museum's Science
Weekend  for the Philadelphia AREA
Space Alliance , a chapter of the
National Space Society
Dennis Pearson participates in march
commemorating the 100th anniversary of the  
The silhouettes honor individuals who were
killed during the strike ... Marching next to
Dennis Pearson is Kenneth Wolensky of the
PA State Historical and Museum Commission
speaker at a National Space
Society International Space
Conference in which Dennis
Pearson attended ---